Michigan Janitorial Service

We provide commercial janitorial cleaning services for Michigan businesses

Michigan Janitorial Cleaning Services

We clean many different types and sizes of offices, from  1000 square foot to 100,000. We clean 1 day to 7 days per week, we will clean on the same scheduled day each week.  Most of our cleaning is done at night, but we can also clean in the morning or a daytime.  We customize our cleaning specifications to thoroughly clean our client’s buildings.

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Michigan Carpet Cleaning

Carpet manufactures recommends your carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them from wearing out and showing traffic patterns. We offer truck mount extraction, bonnet cleaning and dry cleaning to our customers.

Office Building Window Cleaning

We clean our client’s door glass reception glass and partition glass as part of our cleaning program.  We can also glean exterior and interior window no matter how many stories the building is.

Stripping/refinishing hard surface floors

We can keep your floors shining with a scheduled floor program. The program includes stripping/refinishing then maintaining by buffing and scrub and recoats.  The frequency of this all depends on the traffic the floor gets.

Michigan Construction Clean–Ups

When the builder complete the build out or remodel we come in and complete the job with our cleaning. This involves dusting walls, ledges and base boards, cleaning and scraping windows, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, cleaning kitchens and sweep and mopping floors.

Michigan Vent Cleaning

Dirty vents can restrict the flow of air from a building HVAC system and they need to periodically be cleaned. We vacuum and wipe the vents and the ceiling tiles surrounding them. If the vents are up high we bring in a scissor lift to complete the work.

Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services

Over the years we have asked to clean many different types of items, if it’s dirty we can figure out a way to clean it. Things we have cleaned:

  • Warehouse beams
  • Power washing of sidewalks
  • Power washing retail awnings
  • Wall washing
  • Cubical partitions
  • Light fixtures
  • Brass polishing
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Apartment move out cleans
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