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There are cleaning jobs that need to be done on a daily or weekly basis, and then there are items that are generally cleaned less often, but can be seriously daunting when it is time to clean them – specialty cleaning tasks. Great Lakes Service Facility can make it easy for you. It’s our business to make the dingy bright and the grimy shine. We clean:

  • Light fixtures
  • Sidewalks
  • Retail awnings
  • Walls
  • Warehouse beams
  • Cubical partitions
  • Brass
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Move-out apartment situations

The Importance of Michigan Janitorial Services To Your Office

Some cleaning tasks are often overlooked because items are hidden in some way, like a light bulb or a drain. Sometimes the items are so common or so big that they “disappear” from our consciousness, like a wall, or a beam, or a switch plate. Taking the time to clean these items can make a big difference in what happens within that environment or the quality of the product that comes out of that environment.

For example, an exposed support beam covered with thick dust and debris could increase the likelihood that dust and debris could be blown below into an area that you don’t want contaminated. Dust settling on light bulbs wastes energy and dilutes effectiveness. Light fixtures should be cleaned often to insure that the maximum amount of light is getting through.

Brass is another thing that probably doesn’t immediately jump to mind when the typical person thinks about what needs to be cleaned. When brass is new, it has an alluring, affluent appeal. But over time, brass fixtures, switch plates, and decorative accents can tarnish and dull from moisture in the air, and contact with dirt and the natural oils of skin. Surfaces like door handles and walls that share frequent points of contact are excellent for distributing germs. While brass is a very versatile metal, it can be damaged if not cleaned properly. Highly abrasive cloths and brushes should never be used on brass.

Commercial kitchens can quickly become safety hazards (for food-borne illness or other injuries) if regular cleaning protocol is ignored. Grease easily builds on appliances, handles, cupboards, and floors. Great Lakes Service Facility can quickly remove it.

Sidewalks and awnings laden with dirt and pollution do not send a welcoming message to employees or clients. On the other hand, bright sidewalks and awnings automatically lift spirits and invite people inside!

If It Needs To Be Cleaned, Call Our Michigan Janitorial Service Specialists

Email us at [email protected], or call us now at (877) 355-3332 for your cleaning needs. Whether you are near Kalamazoo, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Rochester Hills, Lansing, Flint or any Michigan city in-between, we can help you discover clean on a whole new level.

When you need something cleaned, think Great Lakes Facility Service. In addition to tackling your tough, out-of-the-ordinary projects, Great Lakes Facility Service can also professionally clean:

  • Commercial offices
  • Restrooms
  • Carpets
  • Hard floor surfaces
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • New construction areas