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How our Michigan commercial cleaning services improve the health of your office

Regularly, you will hear cleaning companies say things like “we will keep your place clean” or “clean is healthy”.

While that sounds great and makes for a great tag line, what does that really mean?

At Great Lakes facility Service, we truly believe that we improve the health and hygiene of your workspace and here’s how:

  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces
    It all starts with a plan. With our service plan and tasks established, we will us actual disinfectant products on targeted surfaces. Doorknobs, phones, light switches, and other commonly touched areas will be maintained on a schedule with appropriate chemicals.

  • Target the dirtiest place: the restroom
    With a general cleaning process, the restroom will be generally clean. However, we take that to the next level by focusing on areas of the restroom which are most likely to hold the worst of the worst. Restroom stall door handles, entrance doors, sink fixtures and the area around the soap and towels will all be targeted with disinfectants to give an hygienic cleaning.

  • Inspection and verification
    Trust but verify is the way things work. With our practice of establishing daily checklists, every area will be maintained according to the agreed schedule. Add to that the use of tools like black lights for the spot check-in on targeted areas of the restrooms and you can rest knowing that the pros are on the job.

With a process and plan in place, our pros will use the right tools on the agreed schedule to let you rest knowing that the team will keep your facility healthy!

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